would you rather

Would you rather live without pain, or live without pleasure?

I never imagined that I would actually be faced with that decision. I mean, it’s like a bad college drinking game – except I’m playing for reals this time.

In my whopping 6 days of post-diagnosis research, I’ve unearthed a ton of different theories, diets, exercise plans, get-well-fast gimmicks, naturopathic remedies and detox regimes.

My Rheumatologist suggested to cut back intake of “inflammatory” foods. Um, do you know what that consists of? Pretty much EVERYTHING.

·         Dairy

·         Meat

·         Sugar

·         Additives

·         Synthetic sweeteners

·         Wheat and refined grains

·         Salt

·         Fried foods

·         Tomatoes

·         Hydrogenated and trans fats

·         Processed, packaged, prepared food

·         Alcohol

·         Caffeine

So, I’ve already tried the gluten-free thing, and factually elt worse after two months of strict adherence. (Not to mention my grocery bill skyrocketed.)

One down (check).
Next? I will be cutting my morning cup(s) of coffee. This one is not going to be fun. I dread the headaches already…

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